Baidu PCFaster


  • How to uninstall Baidu PC Faster?

    Uninstall PC Faster:

    • Firstly, click Start button,and then click Control Panel, and then click Program and Functions.
    • Find Baidu PC Faster, and double click it, then finish uninstallation.
  • What is the vulnerability?
  • Why should I fix the vulnerability?
    • Firewall and real-time guard could be of no effect when virus exploit the vulnerability.
    • Highly reduce the risk of hacker attacks which may steal information, install virus on your system, or use your computer for spam attacks.
    • To have comprehensive protection, you need to fix the system vulnerabilities constantly.
  • The more patches installed, the safer the Windows is?
    • Not exactly. To install unnecessary patches may lead to a waste of system use or even system crash.
    • Baidu PC Faster recommends the most applicable patches based on your own Windows to ensure the security and effectiveness.
  • Why I cannot install a particular patch after trying several times?

    Reasons for failure in installation can be:

    • The patch was not suitable your own Windows. This is also a normal case in Microsoft Windows Update.
    • Some of the programs running in your Windows conflicted with the new patch. If you have tried to install the patch for more than twice without success, please be advised to ignore it first. PC Faster will check it for you again in future scan.
  • What is the junk file?

    Windows and other programs write temporary files during installation and when running. Hundreds or even thousands of Junk files can be created to your hard disk during this period to enable the Windows or programs to work.

  • Why Should I clean the junk files?
    • Considerable amount of junk files are not removed from your hard disk even after they are no longer needed.
    • Junk Files are one of the main causes of slow performance of Windows.
    • Megabytes or even gigabytes of valuable space can be regained on your hard disk.
  • What is the trace?

    In daily use of the computer, history tends to be saved automatically by the system or other programs for users’ convenience. Records such as web pages, movies and documents that have been accessed are trace.

  • Why should I clean the trace?
    • Trace may contain your privacy, and can be illegally accessed by malicious software or person.
    • To clean trace regularly can protect your privacy effectively, preventing others from knowing users’ online operations via history.
  • What is the registry?

    The registry is a collection of databases of configuration settings in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • Why should I clean the registry?
    • Windows constantly creates new entries, but does not efficiently clean up the registry that no longer needed.
    • A cluttered registry can greatly slow your Windows.
    • To clean the registry makes your windows boot more quickly and run faster.
  • What is the difference among Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan?

    ‘Quick Scan’ scans critical and frequently used paths. It is recommended to perform Quick Scan daily.

    ‘Full Scan’ scans all paths in the system. It is recommended to perform Full Scan weekly.

    ‘Custom Scan’ scans the paths according to your need.

  • Why Baidu PC Faster notifies me ‘Your computer might be at risk’ but no virus is found?

    There are several factors that may make your computer at risk and need your further scan to confirm your computer is secured.

    These factors include:

    • You may have not scanned your computer for a long period and the infected files have not been found.
    • Virus has been found frequently in your computer before.
    • The last scan was not completed.
  • Can I recover a file which has been deleted by PC Faster?

    Yes. Baidu PC Faster does not really delete the infected files. Instead, it put the files into the ‘Quarantine’ from which you will be able to recover the deleted files.

  • Can two antivirus software run on my computer at the same time?

    It is not recommended to run two antivirus software at the same time. Instead of better protection, there will always be capability error and low performance of PC as well. Therefore, it is recommended to uninstall other antivirus software before installing Baidu PC Faster.

  • Why should I always keep my PC Faster up to date?

    Frequent updates ensure the best user experience and antivirus performance to detect and remove any new viruses. Baidu PC Faster is automatically updated when your PC is connected to the internet.

  • Why does one antivirus scanner detect a virus but another does not?

    Every antivirus software has its core scanning engines and different technic. Hence there can be difference in the scanning result. Nevertheless, to keep your antivirus software update can greatly ensure its performance.


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